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Unleashing the Upcycling Spirit

It is my passion to pay it forward by sharing my upcycling methods. We organize workshops and seminars for corporates, schools, and the public to raise awareness and educate them about environmental sustainability. Through these events, we aim to bring added value, awareness, true beauty, fun, and satisfaction to the concept of upcycling.

"No Plastic Installation: Bunkojunko's Upcycled Textile Art for a Greener Tomorrow"


Join us in embracing the new design mantra of upcycling ♻️
where we transform waste into valuable and beautiful creations. Our upcycling workshops and events offer a unique experience that combines added value, awareness, true beauty, fun, and a sense of satisfaction. Together, we explore the endless possibilities of repurposing materials and promote environmental sustainability

Our mission is to educate and inspire individuals to embrace the concept of upcycling and make conscious choices that have a positive impact on our planet.

"Design School Workshop at KJ Somaiya: Bunkojunko's Innovative Approach to Sustainable Fashion Education"

From Remnants to Royalty

Experience an exciting and educational upcycling workshop. Discover the art of transforming discarded materials into unique and sustainable creations. During our workshops, you will learn how to convert textile scraps into stunning products and useful items.

This hands-on workshop is designed to inspire creativity and promote sustainable practices in the world of design. Participants will learn various upcycling techniques, gain valuable insights into sustainable design principles, and be encouraged to think outside the box.

These engaging sessions foster creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and discipline, helping you cultivate a sustainable mindset and develop the skills to upcycle
your own waste. No prior experience is required, as we provide all the necessary materials and guidance. Just bring your creativity and a willingness to explore new possibilities!

"Join the Upcycling Movement with Bunkojunko: A Sustainable Fashion Pioneer"

Crafting Sustainable Solutions for Every Event

Our workshops are suitable for private events, small groups, companies, NGOs, colleges, and schools. We also offer tailored programs to meet your specific needs and preferences. Share your wish list with us, and we will create a personalized workshop experience just for you.

"Design Workshop with Bunkojunko: Unlocking Creativity for Sustainable Fashion"

Upcycling Masterclass

Workshop at Somaiya School of Design an exciting and educational upcycling workshop . Discovered the art of transforming discarded materials into unique and sustainable creations. This hands-on workshop was designed to inspire creativity and promote sustainable practices in the world of design. During the workshop, participants learn various upcycling techniques, including repurposing textile scraps, reimagining & giving new life to overlooked materials. Provided valuable insights into sustainable design principles and encouraging them to think outside the box.
we believe in the power of upcycling to reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, and create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Connect with Us for a Sustainable Future

Corporate / colleges/ school / NGO

Reach out to us for more information, bookings,
or any inquiries. We are here to answer your questions and assist you in
organizing a memorable and impactful upcycling workshop. Let's collaborate and
make a difference.

  • "Somaiya Workshop with Bunkojunko: Empowering Minds for Sustainable Fashion"
  • "Aditya College of Design Studies Collaboration with Bunkojunko: Fostering Sustainable Fashion Innovations"
  • "Enactus x Bunkojunko: Empowering Communities through Upcycling Initiatives"
  • "Parul University Design Jury with Bunkojunko: Recognizing Innovation in Sustainable Fashion"
  • "Nirmala Niketan Workshop: Embracing Upcycling with Bunkojunko's Sustainable Fashion"
  • "NMIMS Upcycling Online Workshop with Bunkojunko: Inspiring Sustainable Fashion from Home"
  • "Upcycling Workshop with Bunkojunko and Family Service Center: Promoting Sustainable Fashion and Community Engagement"
  • "Amity University x Bunkojunko: Fostering Creativity and Sustainability through Upcycling"
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  • "Aditya School of Design x Bunkojunko: Exploring Sustainable Fashion with Upcycling Workshop"
  • "Bunkojunko Experiential Workshop: Unveiling the World of Sustainable Fashion"
  • "Trash to Treasure: Bunkojunko's Nirmala Niketan Workshop on Sustainable Fashion"
  • "Thakur Village Upcycle Workshop with Bunkojunko: Embracing Sustainability in Fashion"
  • "Bunkojunko Installation at Kalaghoda: Showcasing Sustainable Fashion Artistry"
  • "Enactus Workshop with Bunkojunko: Empowering Sustainability through Innovation"
  • "Learning Workshop with Bunkojunko: Unlocking Sustainable Design Innovations"