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Bunko Junko

Repatch Laptop Bag

Repatch Laptop Bag

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 Our thoughtfully designed laptop Bags harmoniously blend style and functionality, allowing individuals to make a fashion statement while embracing conscious consumption. 


  • Material : Assorted offcut textile,
    printed cotton inner lining,
  • Color : Multia
  • Length : 15-inch length x 11-inch height x
    1-inch width Perfect for laptops and MacBooks up to 14 inches in size.
  • Other Detail : The bag is adorned with Pu leather
    double handles, measuring 7x1 inches, providing a reliable and fashionable grip. It features a convenient buckle opening of 1.5 inches. The exterior boasts a secure zip closure, while the interior offers a zippered compartment,
    two open compartments, and a dedicated laptop compartment, allowing for efficient organization
  • Pattern : Patch
  • Material Source : Garment manufacturing unit offcut
  • Use : Designed with professionals and
    office-goers in mind, this slim and compact bag effortlessly accommodates business essentials along with day-to-day items such as tablets, laptops, chargers, phones, battery banks, pens, diaries, visiting cards, and keys, keeping
    everything within easy reach.

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Care for your Repatch Laptop Bag by spot-cleaning with a damp cloth as needed. Avoid excessive exposure to water or direct sunlight to preserve its quality and color. Embrace the unique textures and patterns of the upcycled textile scrap, knowing that your bag is not only fashionable but also environmentally friendly.

Shipping & Returns

Thank you for shopping with us at Bunko Junko! We strive to provide a seamless shopping experience for our customers.

Our standard delivery time is 5-7 business days, excluding preorders or made-to-order items. We process and ship orders from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Rest assured, we will keep you informed with a shipment confirmation email that includes your tracking number.

At Bunko Junko, we value your satisfaction. If the item received is different from its description, we offer exchange or refund options. Please refer to our comprehensive return policy for more details.

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  • Eco Friendly
  • Upcycle
  • Women Empowerment


Saved 1kg of Textile Offcut from Going to Landfill

1. Resource Conservation: By purchasing this product, you contribute to resource conservation by reusing and upcycling textiles, reducing the need for new production and saving valuable resources like water, energy, and raw materials.

2. Energy Savings: Choosing this product helps save energy that would have been required for manufacturing new textiles from raw materials. By upcycling and extending the life of textiles, we minimize the energy consumption associated with production.

3. Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions: By diverting textiles from landfills and supporting upcycling, you indirectly reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated during manufacturing, transportation, and disposal of textiles.

4. Water Conservation: The textile industry is known for its high water consumption. When you buy, you actively contribute to water conservation by minimizing the need for water in the production of new textiles.

5. Promoting Circular Economy: By purchasing this product, you become part of the circular economy movement. Supporting the reuse and upcycling of textiles helps reduce waste generation and maximizes resource efficiency, ensuring resources stay in circulation for as long as possible.

6. Make a Difference: Every small action counts. By choosing to buy, you actively participate in reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimizing environmental impacts. Your purchase contributes to a more sustainable future.

Upcycled Delights

♻️ Upcycle Delight ♻️

Embrace the Beauty of Imperfection.

• As the products are made from unused /pre-consumer /offcut Textile pieces there might be variations & imperfections in the color, weave, and designs however the pattern & fit remains the same.
• These irregularities are the result of human involvement in the process and add to the finished product's charm while ensuring you have a one-of-a-kind piece.
• This provides uniqueness to every upcycled product and shall not be considered as damage.
• This is a pictorial representation of the product; the actual color might differ slightly.
• With a dedication to upcycling, Bunko Junko transforms surplus /offcut materials from the textile industry into captivating, one-of-a-kind creations. Our timeless pieces are carefully crafted in limited quantities, ensuring exclusivity and minimizing waste.
• We are supporting livelihood programs for women groups by providing them opportunities to work at their convenient places.
• Product with purpose these are the best eco-friendly alternative to reduce your carbon footprint.
Embrace sustainability with us and discover the allure of unique fashion that makes a positive impact on the planet.

Thanks for your contribution towards women's empowerment and environmental sustainability.




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